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The trouble with networking is that it's a complex task. We have to think about why we want to connect, then think about who we want to connect to, then think about how we are going to connect and then connect. It seems like a lot of trouble? Doesn't it? I think the best response to this question doesn't have to be as difficult. The first thing we have to do is start to think about networking as a very important part of our lives. Just like we need to eat to survive, we need to network to move closer to what we hope to accomplish. It's a mental shift. One that is very important. Put it this way. If a doctor told you that you have to eat more vegetables and less fast food or you're going to experience serve repercussions, you most likely would think seriously about doing it. If you want to increase your chances of successfully achieving your goals, you have to start thinking seriously about letting networking into your life. Make it part of your consciousness, not just another activity that you conduct every so often.

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