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Networking is a funny concept. It's not really tangible. We can't feel it, although we can see it in action if we're aware. This becomes even more apparent when we try and do it. Asking a friend for advice or getting directions from a neighbor could be viewed as networking. Defining networking becomes even more of a problem when trying to understand this phenomenon. Is it something that happens naturally or is it a conscious activity. We're all part of a network, whether big or small. The people we know and associate with are all part of our connections. So networking is something that we do within the connectivity of our relationships. It's happening all around us and everyone is part of it. Bringing the act of networking to a conscious level may be the best way to tap into the potential that exists within our relationships. Whether it is looking for a shoulder to lean on or a new job, resources are available to all of us through the people we know. So for those of you who say you're not a natural networker or do not enjoy it, think again, you're doing it every day whether you realize it or not. It's probably more difficult to avoid it than not participate in it at all.

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